*#NVN Holidays* *Referral Income Program*

To all our satisfied customer out there; Henceforth if you refer our Memberships to your friends, family members and colleagues, you will get a chance to EARN lots of benefits.
*Benefit 1) Earn 10% Commission-* i.e. if your friend subscribes for a 01 year membership worth rupees 12,000; you will earn cash benefit of rupees 1,200.
*Benefit 2) Earn Nights-* Number of nights earned are equal to number of years of membership sold. i.e. if your friend subscribe for a 02 year membership; you will earn 02 nights.
*Impact of Referral Income-* If any membership holder refers 01 year membership to 04 friends in one year; then customer(Membership holder) will earn Rs 4800(1200*4) along with 04 nights. indirectly, membership holder have saved more than 40% on membership fees along with bonus nights. and this is Awesome!