Welcome to NVN Holidays, established to add your holiday with a luxurious stay.

It just takes Rs.1200/day for a family of 4 ( 2 adult & 2 children) to stay at a 3/4 star hotel, anywhere in India with #nvnHolidays.

Life is all about celebrations. Its all about celebrating everything in our lives like happiness, achievements, togetherness, health, wealth, friends, family, work, environment & much more. But very few people take out time from their busy lives to celebrate life to the fullest. We need to break that boring routine, monotonous lifestyle and rediscover ourself with super awesome nature.

Holiday is the best way to reduce stress, be more happy, healthy, joyful and become smarter as you discover new places and new people enhancing your experience. In developed countries like USA and european countries, almost 60-70% people regularly enjoy quality vacation at least twice in a year. But, in india, hardly 10% of our population enjoy quality vacation that too only once in a year.

There are many reasons for this situation like financial problems, Unawareness about importance of holiday, lack of good service etc. We, at NVN HOLIDAYS aim to try our best to solve all these problems and provide our customers with such an experience which they will remember and cherish forever. We believe in celebrating life to the fullest.

So, Unplug yourself from your daily chaos to take out some time to boost yourself, recharge yourself and create memories of a lifetime with our HOLIDAY MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES.

Why Holidays?