Life is all about celebrations. It’s all about celebrating everything in our lives like happiness, achievements, togetherness, health, wealth, friends, family, work, environment & much more. But very few people take out time from their busy lives to celebrate life to the fullest. We need to break that boring routine, monotonous lifestyle and rediscover yourself with super awesome nature.

We, at NVN Holidays, aim to provide our customers with such an awesome experience which they will remember and cherish forever. We believe in celebrating life to the fullest. So, Unplug yourself from your daily chaos to take out some time to boost yourself, recharge yourself and create memories of a lifetime with our HOLIDAY MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES.

Custom Travel Experiences

Get your Holiday Packages Customised

We offer all our customers the option to plan their holiday as per their own will and ease. You have the option to plan the holidays for 1, 2,5, or 10 years for their complete family. Plan once and enjoy uninterrupted service for the number of years planned.

Building Memories

We are always running short of time in our daily schedules to spent time and build memories with our loved ones. Holidays brings us the joy of togetherness that builds the strength in us to face the tough times brought to us  by life in form challenges, obstacles & difficulties.

We are blessed that we are in India where unlike other countries we don’t have to  build separate instructing bodies to make sure that we are going on holidays with our families. We still can take a break and go on a trip to create memories which will allow us to go through our lives in a much more pleasant way.

 NVN Holidays enables each and every member to enjoy these moments with the no boundations of unnecessary and rigid terms.

No Distance Is too Far

We cover all the destinations across the country and getting our customers ready for the stay there is just a mail away.


Union Territories



WE Got You Covered

Confirmed stays

Stays in 3/4* Hotels

Included Brunch

Brunch for all the members

Easy Bookings

Just one mail & it’s done

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